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Turbo charge your software development

Kiro helps software engineering teams aggregate, analyze and present a unified view of their entire software development process so that schedules are more accurate, problems are identified and actions can be taken before a project is impacted.

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Delays and team inefficiencies are painful and costly

The average product manager, engineering manager or agile coach spends 20% of her time on collecting, correlating and analyzing relevant project data.

“Without good analytics, it’s hard to see the team’s velocity. There’s no reliable way to see how fast the team is going.”

Product Manager / Fintech Company

“Estimating is the hardest thing. We deal with a lot of hotspot problems, that cause issues and delays with our projects.”

CTO / B2B AI Company

Enter Kiro, your new coach

Just like sports teams leverage analytics to help them win matches, Kiro helps software engineering teams efficiently and effectively execute their projects on schedule. We continuously monitor your software development environment to automatically identify bottlenecks and process issues while recommending how to optimize the use of your tools and resources.

Unleash the full potential of your team

Some typical findings when using Kiro

Uncover individual insights to help allocate tasks efficiently and share knowledge across the team

Learn the scheduling tendencies of your team and receive adjusted project estimates based on prior performance

Identify new coding libraries that will help improve team productivity

Real-time and automated alerts so the team knows when schedule deviations are developing

Solutions for every role

Our goal with Kiro is to automate the collection of data that is naturally generated by your software tools ecosystem. We then apply advanced analytics to arm you with a rich set of metrics and recommendations to improve your entire software development process. With Kiro, the next time you walk into a stakeholder meeting or a team retrospective, you’re chocked full of knowledge and learnings to confidently report to your line of business managers while helping your team increase their productivity.

Schedule with confidence

Accurately predict the milestones and delivery dates for your software projects, so you can efficiently allocate resources and provide your internal customers with data-driven updates of status and progress.

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Deliver on time

Hit your schedule commitments with insights into your engineering team’s progress and receive Kiro-generated tips for mid-project course correction.

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Continuously improve

Kiro automatically generates deep performance metrics so you can better coach your team through each project with actionable learnings, while formulating go-forward improvement plans and best practices.

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Seamlessly integrate with your existing tools

Getting started is easy and complementary to your team’s workflow. Don’t see your tool in the list? We have more integrations coming soon, but feel free to give us a shout with your recommendations.

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Say goodbye to inaccurate human estimations, manual spreadsheets, and burndown charts. Let Kiro help you build amazing products, on schedule.

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